Me, You, us is an experimental audiovisual project made in collaboration with Nicola Baratto and Alberto Valz Gris during a residence at EMS Studio in Stockholm. The project is been realized by a buchla 200 system, an analog video mixer and a photoresistor which is pointed in front of the video screen in order to capture the light variation and retrigger the buchla system. This project is entirely made using analog machines with no any additional computer editing and effects.

Recommended headphones, video in full screen and HD 1080.

This first experiment was part of an exhibition took place in Amsterdam @ Burgerweeshuis (Higher Resolutions) from 16th to 19th of June 2016.

Fascinum is a short movie realized in the Southern Italy along with Rocco Natale, Stefano Testa, Emre Balo─člu, Nicola Baratto, Nivi Java. It explores the traditions, rituals, customs, beliefs and cultures of our world and currently is focused on the study of the symbolism in the traditions. A tale about the evil eyes. This spell is traditionally called malocchio.
A full description on this work can be found on this url.