The Hyperlucid Gaze hides in waking dreams where the foundations of perception are laid. This corrupted society has fed the eye with tantalizing, soulless imagery and the mind has absorbed it all, seeping into the corroding, disheartened body.
If the eyes would instead turn skywards, to gaze upon the cascade of lights, those sparks of memories where the spirit resides, then a freshly drawn reminiscence of previously perceived dimensions would be revealed.
The tracks in this suite were recorded with a self-built cello-like spring instrument. Subsists A Presence of Midnight sample an unreleased track from Left Side of Lower Jaw. Mixed by Nino Pedone (Shapednoise).
released March 23, 2018


 In four parts Francesco G. Gagliardi shapeshifts industrial and traditional forms in an immersive session segueing sloshing rhythms, fragrant Indian vocal samples and coruscating noise in Enathenai to something emulating the effect of being buried alive while under sleep paralysis in Hypnagogia, whereas Bright Star recalls to us an atrophied contraction of its breakcore namesake, the Fennesz remix of Pure & Christoph Fringeli‚Äôs Darkstar, and Subsists A Presence of Midnight scratches out eviscerated industrial rhythms before giving it up to a haunted chorale and caustic atmospheric disturbances.